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tv   RT News  PBS  February 22, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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isn't. you knew you when will eye. released from jail and now addressing the crow is ukraine's former prime minister and opposition figurehead you didn't ever showing that he's looking for justice in all of the independence square. so the bottom and sides to free it up and dismissed yanukovych of breaking news from the press. the chicken which condemns what he calls at two in kiev and if i schools to step down. he's now in the keys to the country where local authorities say that taking full control of their regions european media says that helped broker the crisis deal for the country say they'll support the new government one of which the opposition
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has violated the agreement you don't need to match with each difference a day late so blessed to get center here in moscow and st on a breaking news this that ukraine's former prime minister yulia tymoshenko is urging people to stay put until all of the month of being that she's addressing crowds right now on independence square just hours all to be released from jail. filmmakers in ukraine at number two to dismiss the present the kinetic of reach for crimes against the people and that's it the lake is rooting by the now opposition dominated parliament on tuesday put the stove is what kinda situation in the capital which is transformed from scenes of deadly bombings to unite the crowds. the pace with which show that seven
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unfolding here in kyiv hasn't changed one bit he doesn't slow down at all since i do too much into the country's former prime minister and opposition leader released from jail by a the deputies off of a palm eventually after coming out cheap flights to run for office and that could happen very soon since the other thing that said the deputies voted on was that the deets for an early presidential polls according to their plans that's going to happen. at the ends off with me and also as you just said the deputies at the grotto to dismiss the presidency which from his duties basically saying that he knocked himself out of the game by beating his faults also new ministers are being appointed town such as the minister of justice known to be quite the far right. i figure in fact is being announced that a right wing radicals are going to be very present day unfolds in the nineties the new law enforcement i'm also hearing
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that now the former justice minister and a new set of facts and read the news they've been drastically while attempting to flee the country and the president which is not in keeping stuff has been going around the support of the pressure with ease of which will be from gathering supporters and rejects all the new laws passed by a deputy stopped the rot out. saying that he's still demanding control of the teen's basically saying that the power in ukraine has been hijacked by terrorists and forgiveness and to the police in the meantime have stepped onto their side the city is completely controlled by the justice for more about how away. here is right now. here's a report made earlier went down to the seats to see it with old times. within twenty four hours ago this area was probably among the most high security areas in the forefront of the street in front off of the president's administration which has been courted by several lines of ukrainian out of swat teams one of the most well trained
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and what'll security forces in the country and now the situation clearly has changed and sold half of the boys all the data since the streets along the entire city onto the concrete the protests of the noble titles at this computer to see the situation with their lives fighting has calmed down taking pictures and also just seen this area since a was also one of tourist spots where did the first years fighting took place back in december. now the police have completely fell last of the city and set we were getting reports that the president's residence outside the town has also been attended by officials in our local focus coming been taking pictures of exotic animals at the scene inside of the presence of friends caught collection of secret documents and other things which were basically had just abandoned as the officials
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fled the city in the meantime of the raga has been passing me was like a hot printing press. scores of people are still only darn squirrel independence square with are paying respects to the those killed in the violence and are demanding for president in which to step down so like i said the police is out of the city pretty much most of the officials are gone the whereabouts of the of samir are also unknown and diets now have complete control of the professors but the question is how long this format still sort of on your door. the waiting will be able to continue without officials present here the mike leach mattresses discuss the threat of radical is coming to town which all should reach to spend some time in ukraine which in political developments that lets have a listen to this fest. as long as i live i will fight against hughes
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called innocence and rock and stone. that is an activist from the right sector an organization that will be incorporated with the police according to one the opposition leaders as a former police officer. do you think that someone you'd want joining the ranks of law enforcement. i think your question is rhetorical because it's pretty clear that these kind people. you are protecting the feud on the street finance. even yesterday. hidden deep inside when the pc for costs was not to scream to use at that. i didn't want to tell you. he tries hard to type this i just wanted him to help the needy have even come in three colors of stock into question the makeup of the some of these protesters including the fact that as we've seen on our tv screens unavoidably the last two for ten hours on longer. many of them are heavily on it so said today that that none of us that we can see from the road. it's kind of walmart because infections amongst police found the neutrality issue is that the armed services. in
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the saddle and the feel lucky to be on services to compete in what is up for order security situation in ukraine and can be seen a few documents that to me today so stay clear. that may have been some form of negotiations social activism going on behind the scenes which links with various political groups to the armed forces and perhaps even within the police it's outside the inner west a geek or not wouldn't its opponents meanwhile in the eastern city of how cold it can officials loyal to the president of the oven they declared that taking control of their respective regions only costing any rulings know from kiev. these repression has more. new team on tuesday. medical authorities are rechargeable political decisions on the ground immediately. we have to protect the time the authorities and ukraine's eastern and southern regions the pumpkins. this assumption and decided that they no
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longer take orders from tx one in the capital column and declared that these people must be brought to justice with a soft consistency. we think that the central authorities in realizing that the decisions cannot be considered constitutional concept it is unkind to help them resolutions place in the country's system of governance. the reason has been some signs of being far from unanimous. what's happened yet the nation in decline. the students and many units radicals from camp to bring violence and the way others contend the president's agreement with the opposition politics to render it a tradition in russia the region which is major colonies could stumble over the use of the price is due at the height of state signed on friday. shocking disgusted by the ex presidents have expected anything like this from him years ago. nevertheless the benefits may be reasonable and i felt that
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he'd hold on to the end. i knew that when i'm unhappy because i want to join the eu and b and then back in court i say that we can see that they can go on leave in the u n meeting the family from them i ignored it. they used to being free attaching option to send them all opposition views which i know it and some surprisingly similar the knowledge that we are fed up with something. in a long weekend and could see the red line. he spoke to a suffocating the only costs a dozen times to see him things and it's healthy to me the man instantly surrounded by friends who don't change his opinion. i was distracted the media friday i was going down at least we know it's been fun this weekend. many tries to show everyone that has come. scientists. in the second to parker brought together both supporters of the authorities and the opposition and it was quite peaceful. it's clear which recently became a
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symbol of players from many ukrainians and the source of great fear is less than five hundred kilometers away. and no one can guarantee that it's more of an egg it will not spread here. when josh not seeing from michael in eastern ukraine. well the areas that are now saying they will govern themselves make up the backbone of ukraine's economy. southern and eastern ukraine comprises ten regions is hard to just have a halt the country's population is twenty three of its forty five million. it's her trinkets huge error is a photo a man with enormous agricultural potential. it's also the nation's industrial home and did most of the mines and factories and of course all of the country's ports. situated here in the south in the desolate region and the crimea. while earlier i discussed the possible is to become priests pitching in tune with mr evers said the structure and here are his thoughts. i don't even
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want to make it bigger if i know this we say in that ukraine will fall foliage walk tomorrow. the sooner it seems to be removed. at the same time which would mark her allowance they are ideal for standardization of the crew had already stated the reasons to explain what does this actually says detailed consideration. we control our two and the scenario divorcing the type to costa director you remember that the rabbi would do or say you're getting with it the loyalties to watch that. but to recognize the eos rebel by a thread at the same time we have to understand that the new goblin corner of dalrymple will work to make the scallops and madness they would think of all of the balance of the interest of regional political and business elites hit the trail to the list that was too creamy for fall apart. music has taken said washington will put pressure on real position in kiev to comply with the terms of the crisis deal brokered on friday when the british and german top diplomats say they will
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support the new celtic i covered the bees are among the country's living will the male influence in the capital chromium rest of the stores with reports from london. the state of the slightly surreal things like pay this debt is he setting up tents on the might and that making states is distancing pace delicacies to the protests as we see in the us under secretary of state victorian industry the same khaki three am. i'm gleeful says in the lithuanian foreign medics to hunting out warm gloves to the contest is in the eagles are that the physical manifestations of these seemingly unconditional support of westinghouse the profits to the contestants since the very beginning i didn't but up until recently they think calling them peaceful protest is. and i've been sensing they take the two sides but her that very beginning condemning a hard season and support from the opposition seen in a mindset of what the dates and then of course that the bay bridge to steal our front
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saturday and headed and i'm saddened that is both a seemingly at will said the cost in front of that meat is nice to hold it the detail of the paste minutes to let us not because he is having idle position needed you'll be dead if you didn't agree to stay alive talking about the possible imposition of martial old and out of the divas or not we have this brick and steel in place taken by fronts jenny intended that even today have now been forced to admit that's a good deal isn't whacking that basically i did the fetal position he does on sticking to that kind of the bedside of the dalit that the temple and was assigned to the black list and decide that they take the opposition side he hasn't had its bombs hasn't stopped using force to buy a case is still that the buildings are still occupied and that's despite that the police force having told us that the center of kiev this wee note to let me use an act of doing basically unable to install any kind of pain. most of the day he's a senior lecturer in
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international relations and security studies in moscow state university says the mall is playing by its own rules. that was agreed to on friday the twenty the other. so posted leaders of the opposition who actually have no control over what's a mite on mops are doing at this point was actually in control on the ground there has been a true view of the deal agreed to has been broken up and eat robertson park off as the declared that its decisions taken by this parliament now i have been taken without the participation of the majority of the party of regions and communist delegates and that its decisions are invalid because they have been made under threats of violence and death by the mobs that were literally seat in parliament and are now in physical control of it. so if one
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situation at all and and and online custard on news crews in kiev and in eastern ukraine going to get to check the ot to defeat for the latest updates. what did you select a mosque a twinkle in his room so she often a break. i do. to show people and toys. when we saw this on film in a bid to buy according to cope with the aircraft. and what they
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like it but still. great care the future. the room the eye it's the sort he proposes russia takes them instead vehicle to read a gold gems to be told all the medal rankings will sculpt has lit the toe. i read another goal date for russia in such a twit twenty four hours of sun away from the end of the gains in hives nation as such to the top of the medals table two goals coming on saturday. the latest in the triathlon men's relay that only a g string was created yet again here in such a while becoming
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the first snyder border to win two gold medals in a single olympic games the everson already won the inaugural parallel slalom adding to the gold he'd already won in the giant parallel slalom while these us born became a russian citizen in two thousand and eleven off the murray his russian girlfriend who incidentally has a bronze medal to the named in sochi while there was also in the bronze medal for russia in the speedskating in the women's pursuit in the eye of the arena behind me. sigh let's see how all of that affect the very latest medals table. the same rush of the hundreds to lead the way now with eleven gold medals. a total of twenty nine medals on a roll is a red coat in the country's modern history gets underway in second place canada and the usa complete the top four that iran was the non although my image on friday he has won three gold medals in short track speedskating here in such a one friday he won the five hundred meat is people helping russia to build in the relay an atmosphere inside the ice box
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cake and collins was electric and unofficial olympic record was set with the hundred pounds which was the one hundred decibel. they were the only ones you may have had something to shout about coming to japan explains comedian jimmy kimmel knew that the us media would take the bait when he conspired with cake and some from the us loose team and coach said of the heel of a wall suppose the wandering the hallways of her dora me so she pretty the comedian could not imagine the scale of the media frenzy that followed the seventy second clip shows the large canines as we walk passed around for the hallway at the top and click there to getting out from the door outside world we live in villages like about them this fall while since i had to get it straight got a problem. maybe they also have this trait will probably be for the wolf of wall street on the wall of olympic village the wolf absentee that's not the lead from wall street or the movie
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thing. i did on him. believe me up. still the wall. well it was a wolf. except not in sochi putting in a bbc studio in los angeles in a specially constructed for the occasion were weaker at the athletes' dorm hallway in sochi there is no willful seventy five are all doomed. but that's not the point. this fit with the whole the whole paradigm and created about all russia's scary it's so crazy ants and pandemonium. do people run around the heads on fire and so this fit in there and so they they loved it. they ended up in and it shows though there is a very small fob paradigm that allowed on most of our media and the things that fit not there that are perfect. thank you rather be a great job they love to do this again would you consider bringing a live bear to the closing ceremony. i'm easy like an identity that can ride a horse going on here. it might have beens and well being in the air. the media would still buy it. jimmy kimmel sprang like nothing else was
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called out the us media. on their obsession with finding faults with the sochi olympics. book. the walking and getting the compartment ceremony will take place in the face but you know you can see the white make more than forty thousand pounds will be inside. it is a good number of houses in such a thing out but gearing up for the final week the houses many an important role in it takes to get a chance to get it it's actually two points and essential but he is there a taste of home away from home i think it's also an opportunity to buy merchandise celebrates the spirit humans. a summit
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on the alpine themed wall street house is located at the mounting cost of medical data. the wooden structure is probably a good tool business for small to be closer to the black sea coast. holland heineken house sent the ball tuesdays at ten euros of tickets. it's always been one of the top top two spots at the live games with pam's athletes in sports is getting together with raucous celebrations might talk to the light the next hospitality the news outside the top. this will be its twelfth year of operation the mates they didn't barcelona in nineteen ninety the only goal in rome. we really aren't all that isn't that the emotions of the olympics is so huge london sydney for the first army opened up a fence as well. since then the petition. located next to the ice drake stadium this is smith's house excitement and activity is with a few maximum sentence that is free and open to the to the very first time switzerland has designed a construct the building from
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scratch right into the elements of the country hence he does it feel they'll members of the swiss and eighteen. they got here and in god's likeness on wednesday. it's perfect. i did absolutely great the river the chic and stylish primary you say. we didn't want to guess and us hospital has commenced. my sports lovers and come face to face the champions. once the olympics teams to get to teach us and still is the place you can buy their official branded products in such a neat shot. it's disgraceful to use different purposes in coming years most of the u s lighthouse is a temp restructure that will be taken down and use for different events customized different breeds and sizes. i came to salty from austrian off to the dentist but it still be used as a hospitality space
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in russia and the various european ski events. you seem to go well together the house. unfortunately it's also a link for canadian nationalists from cps the trial possible to access cold beverages from the fridge grab a drink raise the costs of the champions. when it comes to socializing and parking in the various houses in the winter it takes its toll but to us. andrew's of tea such. i sent one to fourteen common for the ultimate in your daily reading. now i make. the sochi twenty fourteen. all the arts. well
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we'll have some moral news dramatic turn of events in ukraine in just over thirty minutes from now the fest we take the gold really just technological innovations to the breaking dawn. it's natural that if you want your mother is going on the ground with action i own world. i know it. i am. his first eu the city address new york mayor bill the blood ceo said that he would put forth legislation for the city to issue special municipal identification cards to undocumented immigrants is summed up his feelings by saying to all my fellow new yorkers were undocumented. i say new york city is your home too and we will not force any of our resins to live their lives in the shadows. yep that sounds nice but the reason these illegal immigrants live their lives the shadows is because they immigrated in eagerly why should new yorkers bend over backwards for illegal
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criminal immigrants. this is the same logic that if i catch a guy breaking into my house as a gracious host. i should offer him a pizza because it is home to. this is just a slap in the face to rule of law but also to the immigrants who to go for the bureaucracy and headaches to become us citizens the right way the legal way supplies you if you're going to provide these illegal immigrants was some sort of document it should be appointed to pack all with instructions on how to apply for green card legit proper away just like everyone else passed. that's just my thing i him the enemy made either from natural fibers all for synthetic ones which are petroleum based. it seemed to be part of its many uses of cultural products. what they are discussing and electric car which is made entirely
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from a combination of resting and wonderful. this is carbon fiber reinforced polymer or just carbon fiber official carmen part is both light and rich. making it ideal for sports items like tennis racket. thanks to its extreme flexibility. wanted to use fishing. it's like taking the critics are made from petroleum. over one thousand green salsa. since produces far it has been like weeks fibers are extremely thin just five microns across ten times smaller than humans. twenty thousand
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rupees for a good time the woven into bundles which are then mixed grades in each of us. needing two hundred ninety degrees hopkins tobias a fight between two very rich sheiks. with the first carbon fiber sheets. it was not fixed and shops schools and cracking. japanese manufacturers sold the problem by developing an extremely fine grey reinforcing rest. his carbon fiber is ten times stronger than steel. four times is locked in the house of reps in these qualities make carbon fiber reinforced polymer an ideal material for a stretch. unit two was tested in the digit number a bit rough on us. these are
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the factors that led to these important quality of fun last conference on the use of the tree. it's the last minute. yet gotten so used to the rick ross need about twenty percent less fuel. it decreases the rate on one point three tonnes. every small flexible aluminium steel. it's a great youtube it's made from carbon fibre the good news for twenty years without needing repair seventy percent of the world's carbon fiber is made in japan. i used for everything from cars to pick from two cents. it's a great team of leading edge industries will walk. i don't
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work. use. sells. steve. you
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knew long woohoo little long still very warm welcome to the jungle the awful disease don't leave plenty to praise him in the oven and this is our top story this one. more dramatic developments in ukraine when opponents has voted to remove president viktor yanukovich the country's former prime minister to her is classic but controversial duty of tymoshenko is released from jail. the well would begin in ukraine when a


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